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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

ACI’s services include the sourcing and marketing of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) to the Rx & OTC Pharmaceutical and Personal Care markets.
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Nutritional Compounds

ACI supplies raw materials used in the production of Nutritional Supplements including Vitamins, Citrates, Mineral Compounds, Enzymes and Biochemicals.
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Veterinary Compounds

We supply APIs & Nutritionals of superior quality to the Veterinary & Companion Animal industries that help improve the quality of life for animals.
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Custom Synthesis

Through our team of accredited laboratories & manufacturing facilities we can offer specialized production of most any product to your exact specifications.
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What makes raw material sourcing simple?

Many so-called top raw material suppliers claim to do it all.
Still others claim to do it well.

But do they really? In reality the majority are either too large or are too set in their ways to offer the level of service & value that your business deserves. How do we know this? Well, over many years of being in the industry we have worked with and in some cases have worked for many of these organizations before founding ACI. We’ve seen it all and know what is required to make ourselves a Great Raw Material Supplier to our clientele.