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Sourcing Made Simple

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    What makes raw material sourcing simple? Quality products? On-time delivery? Lowest price? Responsiveness? A combination of these?

    Advanced Compounds International (ACI) passes this grade time & time again. From offering product adhering to ever-changing USP/NF/FCC Specifications to custom production & synthesis meeting your exact specifications. ACI’s ability to offer quality product at exceptional value combined with superior service & support is the basis of what we do.

    Our working knowledge of the Products & Markets we serve places us far ahead of the competition and our experience with FDA requirements, procedures & filings only benefits our clientele further.

    Working closely with ‘only’ select manufacturers, we supply our clientele with the finest Chemicals & APIs from producers who consistently demonstrate a high degree of product quality. Let our ‘Knowledge & Resources’ work for you!

    Ask yourself:

    • Does your current supplier’s Customer Service Rep thoroughly understand your business?
    • Are they competent in dealing with foreign producers to resolve technical issues or answer questions?
    • Do they deal directly with the foreign producer or do they obtain your product via a second or even third party?
    • Are they truly responsive to general Questions & Inquiries?
    • Do they understand the Active Ingredient they’re selling or the application it will be used in?
    • Can they offer you viable options should problems arise with the raw material or the foreign facility that produced it?
    • Are they competent in dealing with the FDA & Customs to get your product cleared & delivered in a timely manner?
    • Are they consistently too expensive on product quotations?